If you require more information about one of the specific services please click here or call us today, Rosehill Design Build is always glad to serve you in your design and building inquiries.


We create specific plans to meet the requirements of the projects and the expectations of the clients during the construction phase.


We work with established proven sources to create the designed look and can provide presentations to assist in the visualization of the project .


To create a strong foundation going into the construction phase. We gather all the required procedural steps and processes to begin the build with forward momentum.

Design & Build

We build retail stores, office spaces and other commercial facilities of various sizes and in various conditions and environments

Design & Build

We build or re-build homes spaces, condominiums and special lofts.

Special Project

We can create highly tailored spaces intricate in nature and with rare materials if required.

Branding & Design
Activation retail+

We can help you design the perfect branded environment thru the use of graphics, activating your brand and creating more value for your offering.